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The man who wanted to kill Varun Gandhi

Published on: Wednesday, 1st April 2009 12:24 PM     By      Administrator

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The man who wanted to kill Varun Gandhi

April 01, 2009

Rasheed Malabari, a resident of Kerala had come into coastal Karnataka's Mangalore town with a two-pronged agenda. His instructions -- from notorious and elusive don Chhota Shakeel who is hiding in Pakistan -- were to eliminate Varun Gandhi and Pramod Muthalik.

Intercepts picked up by the Intelligence Bureau suggest that Malabari, a right-hand man of Chhota Shakeel, was assigned the job of eliminating both Varun and Pramod Muthalik as they felt that these two had become a threat to the Islamic community in India.

Investigations, which have been carried out following the arrest of Malabari, have now revealed following the violence and panic created by the Shri Ram Sena in Mangalore, the plan was hatched in Pakistan to eliminate its leader Pramod Muthalik.

While the planning was in progress, the Varun Gandhi issue came under spotlight and Malabari was specifically instructed to stay back in Pakistan and hatch another conspiracy.

Once the conspiracy was hatched, Malabari moved into India from Pakistan. He came into the Mangalore belt first and then set up a base at Kasargod. Once the safe den was set up, he started organising men to carry out the attack.

Investigations have revealed that Malabari and his men had decided to play a wait-and-watch game before carrying out the assassination of the two leaders. Malabari told his interrogators in Mangalore that they were waiting for the election process to commence.

They planned to go ahead with their mission once the campaigns of the two leaders commenced