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Most Chinese say that India poses a bigger threat to its existence.

Published on: Wednesday, 17th June 2009 09:19 AM     By      Administrator

Source : Rediff

Ever wondered what China thinks about India? If a recent poll in China is to be believed, 90 per cent of the Chinese think that India poses the biggest threat to its existence.

The poll was conducted after Global Times -- the newspaper which has reported links with China's Communist Party -- announced that India would dispatch 60,000 troops to the border with China amid 'escalating tension' between the two Asian giants.

Interestingly, the Global Times report claims, the tension along the disputed border between the two countries has escalated in the last few days after India's military move. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, it claimed, said his government would make no concessions to China on territorial disputes.

The report quotes Arunachal Pradesh Pradesh Governor retired General J J Singh as saying, 'The move was intended to meet future security challenges from China.'

About 74 percent people in the poll conducted by a Web site believed China should not maintain friendly relations with India after its 'military provocation'. More than 65 percent of people believed India's actions were harmful to bilateral ties and it is more harmful to India.

The Global Times says India has long held contradictory views on China.

The report adds, 'Another big Asian country, India is frustrated that China's rise has captured much of the world's attention. Proud of its "advanced political system," India feels superior to China. However, it faces a disappointing domestic situation which is unstable compared with China's.'

India likes to brag about its sustainable development, but worries that it is being left behind by China. China is seen in India as both a potential threat and a competitor to surpass, the report said.

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