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Jessica Simpson sparks outcry over “Indian giver” remark

Published on: Friday, 31st July 2009 10:27 AM     By      Administrator

WASHINGTON - Jessica Simpson has outraged some in the Native American community for using a racial stereotype.


Few days back, had asked Simpson if she would be taking back the expensive boat she bought for ex Tony Romo. Her reply? “I’m not an Indian giver,” reports Us magazine.

“I am shocked she said that. I didn’t know people still said that,” one person wrote on the website, theforumsite.

“She will be apologizing … there is outrage,” the person added.

Added another commenter: “I’m a Native American and I cringed when I heard Jessica Simpson comment about us Native Americans. Am I mad!?! I should be, but look at who the comment is coming from.”

A third said: “As a Native American, in particular a Dakota, I find those comments quite sad and stereotypical. But not surprising, if you look who said them.”

Jacqueline L. Pata, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians, told that besides Simpson many other people use the word in a derogatory sense.

The concept of Indians giving and sharing with one another is where the term originated, she explains, but has somehow morphed into an insensitive phrase that stereotypes

“Most people flippantly use the comment ‘Indian giver’ without realizing its true meaning,” Pata said.

Source: Entertainment Daily - Singapore's No 1 Indian Community Portal
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